Forward Health Foundation, through a collaborative effort with Essentia Health, the Blandin Foundation and the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation, is excited to announce the addition of the Community Paramedic Program serving residents of the Deer River area.  Your support, along with our partners, made it possible to purchase the vehicle that is used by Liz Kamp, Community Paramedic (CP), to make her visits with patients in their homes.  CP’s work closely with patients’ providers for carry-over of treatments of a wide range of healthcare needs including congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and hypertension with the goal of preventing hospitalizations and improving the continuum of care.  

Liz has been a paramedic for eight years, providing emergency care to patients in the acute setting, and a part of the Essentia Health team for five years.  She feels grateful for the opportunities this work has allowed her, and states, “I am excited to turn my focus to the healthcare needs of the community, providing more access to medical care for our patients. I am passionate about patient care and am looking forward to seeing the progression of this new venture.”

For more information about this service, contact Liz at 218-246-4211.

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