Cracked Not Broken

After a couple of postponements due to COVID, September finally brought “Cracked, Not Broken, The Kevin Hines Story” to Itasca County.  In collaboration with NAMI and partnering agencies, the Forward Health Foundation aided in sponsoring this event to bring awareness of suicide prevention to over 1600 of our youth and community members.  Kevin shared his incredible and miraculous story of survival following a suicide attempt from the Golden Gate Bridge with 9-12 grade students at Deer River High School.  With resounding effects, Deer River youth Jacelyn Carstensen offers this feedback, “I struggle with depression. Kevin’s deep words made me break down and think about my health. I believe a lot of people struggle with depression and benefited from his words….Kevin said he wouldn’t have jumped from the Golden Gate Bridge had even a single random person asked if he was okay. He said he instantly regretted it the second he went over the bars.”  She goes on, “For the first time, I think people understood somewhat of how dark depression can be for a person. I will forever cherish Kevin’s words and will keep looking at the photo of us together as a reminder to BE HERE TOMORROW.”


Jacelyn’s mother, Addy adds, “Inviting Kevin Hines to speak to the entire high school was such an impactful event. Some students are vocal about their struggles, while others hide their sadness. My hope is that by listening to Kevin’s story, students were able to take away just how important their life is and how crucial it is to seek help… Additionally, ALL students were able to learn signs to look for in their friends and what to do if their friends need help.”

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